viernes, 16 de junio de 2017

Reverse thinking for smart bets

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Good morning Sumaverdes! and welcome everyone! Since today this blog will be bilingual for to give all the English speaking people the opportunity to learn about this fantastic blog articles.

Summer leagues always are difficult to bet, last may month we ate a lot of reds betting for overs to usually bookies low price over leagues, NOR, SWE , FIN, EST...when something not work must to be changed...

I want to propose you a new method for making more profitable systems, would you like to obtain 80%, 90% or 100% success rate in your last 100 or 200 bets? we can do it with reverse thinking.

Usually a lot of bettors stagnate and stop his mind making always the same, and when always the same not work you must change. Usually a lot of people than acquiring betting software, not dominate 100% or only makes the manual said, when use his functions, his searching tools, only based in to look for their strategies.

But what about if you already have the results (everyone have the results reading specialized news), and make an inverse system? catch the past results and make a system with these, finding why and how was this results.

For example: Looking the results and center only for the Home team victories, I have found that some home scored teams with some away conceded teams always result Team Home win FT when those home teams plays vs those away teams. If you find teams that usually win 5 of 5, 6 of 6 vs teams than loose 5 of 5, 6 of 6, you obtain a group of teams than can make relationship for playing in the same match and bet for Team Home FT. If you do the same with more teams, more leagues, you can obtain a 50, 60, 100 results system with 100% success rate system, because all of these relation matches was 6/6, 5/5...4/4 home teams win FT (4/4 because perhaps not exist already yet 5/5, remember that we only bet with a reduced number of teams).

And not mistake, follow with your good stake control because that 100% success rate can be beaten and obtain an ugly red point in the next bet, if the system compound of home teams than usually obtain his 100% (6/6, 5/5...) with the away teams than obtain 100% loss with those home teams, you have a very good system, but nobody and any software sure you will follow obtain that success rate, only tell you that is a great system with a very high success rate, because the relationship into this home and those away teams usually is turning for the Home WIN FT. Logically, if your system gives you a number of more than 100 bets you have a very great system based only on results and good relationships.

You can make this system with a paper and pencil, but logically is faster making with Betpractice Studio PRO, and coming son will be better when we add the new advanced excluded teams option.

You can do the same with other markets like under2.5, here you have an under system that haven't 100% success rate bus obtain a grateful 94.64% with only 4 losses of the last 100 matches, also making home and away relationships.

Look at this, study and open your mind to reverse thinking!

A coming soon new Betpractice System Hunter feature helps you to make this work in seconds, Don't get lost the news from Betpractice!!!

How you can see I'm not native English, if you can see big writing mistakes, please inform me in the comments ;-)